Sunday, August 29, 2010

Episode 22: Summer Jams, Pt. 2

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Labor Day is fast approaching, so we bid adieu to the summer season with a fond farewell podcast, augmented by some beach-y found sounds between the tunes. The temperature continues to rise here in ATX, but those days of waves have passed us by until next year. Tracklist/download below:

The Barracudas--Summer Fun
The Budos Band--Rite of the Ancients
Honey & The Bees Band--Sisi Mbon
Music Convention--Big Green
Henry Mancini--Lujon
Cut Copy--Where I'm Going
Beach Fossils--Youth
Evan Voytas--I Took A Trip On A Plane
Floating Action--So Vapor
The Avalanches--Since I Left You
Caetano Veloso--Tudo Tudo Tudo
Ganglians--To June
Buffalo Springfield--Kahuna Sunset

Total time: 40:55

Summer Jams, Pt. 2

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