Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Episode 36: We'll Be Here Soon

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A nice dusty WS podcast for ya, for these hot, dusty months. A little bit of country, a little bit of psychedelia, but a lot of ramblin' fun. The sun might be unbearable now, but in the words of Phosphorescent, "we'll be here soon."

Calexico // Corona
The Old 97's // Bel Air
Phosphorescent // We'll Be Here Soon (Live at KUT)
White Fence // Stranger Things Have Happened
Woods // Any Other Day
Bleached // Think of You
Love // Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark and Hilldale
Silvio Rodríguez // Fusil Contra Fusil
Dara Puspita // To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover)
Kurt Vile // Overnite Religion
Dillard & Clark // Don't Let Me Down (Beatles cover)

Total running time: 36:18

Episode 36: We'll Be Here Soon

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alex Steinweiss: 1938-2011

Alex Steinweiss, the inventor of the album cover, passed away last week at the age of 94. Before Columbia Records hired him in 1938, albums came in plain brown paper sleeves, but his work was a perfect marriage of art, design, and commerce. His design for the original cast recording of South Pacific has been used since it debuted in 1949. The only other graphic design in America to be used for so many years is the Coca-Cola bottle.

Ever since I first got into music, album art has played a crucial role in my enjoyment of music--for me, it can be a potent visual representation of the sound itself. Below are a few of my favorites--and like any great artist, you'll know a Steinweiss when you see it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Live From The Basement

If you have an hour to kill, watch Radiohead perform The King of Limbs live from a BBC basement. It premiered last night on Spanish TV, and it goes to show that their critically-mixed eighth album is a grower but still subtly phenomenal in its own right. If you're in a hurry, just watch the opener "Bloom"--Radiohead might have the best rhythm section around. Highly recommended viewing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cy Twombly, 1928-2011

[Cy Twombly, Untitled // 1970]

"My line is childlike but not childish. It is very difficult to fake: To get that quality you need to project yourself into the child's line. It has to be felt."

Charles Mingus // Track A-Solo Dancer (Stop! Look! And Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Hundred Thirty Five Years Young

[via cosmic dust]

Happy birthday, America. Here's a present for you--my favorite song.

John Fahey // America