Thursday, August 5, 2010

Episode 21

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So many colors pouring out of our stereo this week, on Episode 21 of the Waterloo Sunset Podcast. We have brand-new music from those cut-and-pasters The Books and a fantastic pop gem from Deerhunter. Plus, Sagas provides a massive Scottish-inspired drone before Castanets casts an eerie gloom over the proceedings (Sufjan Stevens' cover led me to the original). The second half cracks open the door for a bit of country-fried sunshine--alongside Fruit Bats, their Optigan, and their Band-ish breeze--before Junip, the newly-revived project from Swedish folk singer José Gonzalez, takes us home. Full track list below:

The Books--Beautiful People
Secos e Molhados--Amor
Voice Of The Seven Thunders--Out of the Smoke
Sagas--Murdstone Road
Castanets--You Are The Blood
The Carter Family--Foggy Mountain Top
The Byrds--Time Between
My Morning Jacket--Lowdown
Fruit Bats--Flamingo

Total running time: 35:15

Waterloo Sunset Podcast #21

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