Sunday, August 30, 2009

Timber Timbre

Toronto's Timber Timbre have recently caught my rapt attention. Comprised mainly of Taylor Kirk and some stellar session musicians, the band released their self-titled sophomore release this summer on Arts & Crafts. The first time I heard them, I immediately stopped what I was doing: "Trouble Comes Knocking" is a menacing folk noir piece full of tension and dread before shifting impressively (and rather unexpectedly) into a smoky soul ballad. The production is immaculate; all of the instruments are given miles of room to bob and weave, and the songs are stripped to their rawest cores.

"Lay Down In The Tall Grass" is another unsettling, soul-infused piece of minimalism kept spare to spotlight Kirk's eerie croon and effective storytelling. The rough edges are rounded, and once again the song shifts impressively, moving from a major key refrain back into a minor key verse in the blink of an eye. The narcotic haze that envelops Timber Timbre's music lends a certain dourness, but the songs are still playful and immediately arresting. Highly recommended.

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