Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walt Wolfman

Richard Swift is known for a little bit of everything. There's his work as a singer-songwriter, calling to mind Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. There's his avant-garde electronic work as Instruments of Science & Technology. There's his fantastic production work for The Mynabirds and Damien Jurado, and for those who haven't found it yet, Swift's website is a treasure trove of one-off recordings, beautiful photographs, and weird mixes. He's a one-man inspiration machine.

And he's set to release a new EP, awesomely-titled Walt Wolfman, on October 18. I've been digging a new track he dropped a few weeks back called "Broken Finger Blues," but today he's given us an ode to America's preeminent poet, Walt Whitman. Swift's soulful new direction is another welcomed change of pace for the restless spirit. Check him/them out below.

Richard Swift // Whitman
Richard Swift // Broken Finger Blues

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