Thursday, April 21, 2011

Episode 32: Towards The Sun

[via illuminate the world]

A trip around the world via ancient melodies and folk rhythms, just in time for Earth Day. Lomax recordings, found sounds, and a number of other oddities waiting to be heard and replayed. Get outside and run towards the sun.

Crap Eye // One Morning At The Break Of Day (Wake Up Song)
Califone // Ape-Like
Group Inerane // Kuni Majagani
Marissa Nadler // Daisy, Where Did You Go?
Jim Schoenfeld // Before
Ted Lucas // Love & Peace Raga
Abner Jay // I'm So Depressed
Mountain Man // Loon Song
Possessed By Paul James // Fiddle #1
Hasil Adkins // By The Lonesome River

Total running time: 36:05

Episode 32: Towards The Sun

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