Saturday, July 3, 2010

Episode 19: Fireworks And Hot Dogs

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What could be better than a good showing from the U.S. soccer team for July 4th? A Waterloo Sunset podcast, of course. And Episode 19 is sure to please at barbecues and pool parties. After a little soulful patriotism from Ray Charles, we get down to the real cause for celebration: Beer, beer, and more beer, and The Sandals certainly agree. New music from Richard Swift and notes from the American underbelly courtesy of Michael Yonkers paves the way for Lower Dens, the new Jana Hunter project that pries the acoustic guitar from her able hands and allows her to indulge in some red, white, and blue psychedelia. The '70s should-have-been folk sensation (and Cherokee descendant) Karen Dalton lays down some world-weary wisdom before giving ground to Warren Zevon and his slice of dark (but cheery) Americana. Light the fuse below.

Ray Charles--"America The Beautiful"
The Sandals--"6-Pak"
Richard Swift--"Drakula (Hey Man!)
The Cotton Jones Basket Ride--"Chewing Gum"
Michael Yonkers Band--"Sold America"
Lower Dens--"Hospice Gates"
Jana Hunter--"Palms"
Karen Dalton--"Something On Your Mind"
Wilco--"In A Future Age"
Warren Zevon--"Carmelita (1974 Demo)"

Total time: 31:08

Waterloo Sunset Podcast, July 4th Edition

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