Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rome Built In A Day

At Arthouse last weekend, people gathered from all over Texas to take part in L.A.-based artist Liz Glynn's performance piece The 24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project. It's exactly what it sounds like: from 12:00 Saturday morning to 11:59 Saturday night, hundreds of people set out to recreate Rome, starting with its hamlet beginnings, working through its Republic growing pains, and eventually on through the rise and fall of the Empire itself (at 11:59 the destruction commenced, with people stomping and crushing the day's work with gleeful abandon). The buildings ranged from the classic (the Circus Maximus, the Coliseum, etc.) to the absurd (buildings with "beer-bottle columns and a roof covered in lavender fur"), all representing the creativity--and the range of abilities--of the artists themselves.

The Austin Chronicle has nice write-up here, and you can see more pictures here, courtesy of the Austinist.

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